Senter – serves up seamless SMS integration for Kounta Lightspeed

We’ve been working hard to expand our integration for POS and eCommerce platforms, and we’re excited to announced our new integration with Kounta Lightspeed.

The integration between Senter and Lightspeed enables users to easily import their existing contacts saved in Kounta POS from their online, ordering and loyalty channels.

Once the integration is activated, users can import directly to Senter using our list import functions. Users can also activate multiple integration channels such as Shopify, Cin7 with more coming soon!

Senter and Kounta Lightspeed enables users to:

·       create and send SMS campaigns

·       tag and segment lists;

·       and send request for restaurant reviews with link tracking.

What is Kounta Lightspeed:

Kounta Lightspeed is a leading Hospitality Point of Sale platform, recently acquired by Lightspeed. Their world-leading POS technology enables savvy restaurateurs to run a better, more efficient business with an inexpensive solution that scales with your business growth.  

Why Senter and Kounta Lightspeed?

Restaurants understand the importance of quick and easy customer communications, feedback and reviews.That’s the only way to listen to feedback and improve service offering.

Activating Senter with Kounta Lightspeed, enables two-way communication with your customers via SMS.

Simply import customers to a tagged list with your Kounta contacts, or update and refresh an existing list with new contacts you’ve added from your online channels.  

If you'd like a demonstration of how Senter works with Kounta, book a quick demo with us, today!