We are Senter

Keep customers at the center of your business.

Senter Software provides Review Management and SMS Software tools used by savvy marketers, mom and pop shops to big-name retail brands. Our software tools integrate with other online business programs such as Lightspeed, Shopify, BigCommerce, Cin7, Google and Facebook.

Our Mission: 
To connect you with your customers in a way you've never experienced. We want interactions to be simple, meaningful, and save you time by taking the hassle out of the back and forth.

Senter is a 100% bootstrapped business

Our story

March 2019
Like all good stories, it started over a beer. Dmitry and Rory had worked together, discussing a few concepts for integrated SMS marketing software which managed everything from review management to improving local SEO. That's because local business were time poor and struggled to compete with the big players. They just needed something quick, integrated, without the hassle of email templates or complex coding to acquire customer reviews.
April 2019
Dmitry started a new job, but introduced Rory to Felix. Another crazy Russian developer. Felix liked the idea, joined on, and they started prototyping a few ideas.
June 2019
After a few short months, Dmitry and Felix had a product ready to launch based on the prototypes. The final product was simple, and only integrated with Kounta Lightspeed, but it worked. Here we are before our first demo.

Meet our leaders

Rory Moss
Director, Co-Founder
Dmitry Melnik
Co-Founder, Full-Stack Developer
Felix Vinogradov
Co-Founder, Full-Stack Developer


Our team is based in Auckland, New Zealand with staff working remotely.