Senter - ready for liftoff!

So, here we are…

We’ve finally launched this product after six months of development and countless hours trying to understand what my Russian co-founders are even talking about. And did I mention a global pandemic?

Well we did it…

You might be wondering why we built an SMS app. Surely there are so many apps out there in the market?

Well you’re right! There are tonnes!

Sending SMS campaigns is just the first phase, with many more features coming soon. Over time, you’ll notice changes to our branding, how we position ourselves and the apps we integrate with.

So why did we even make this thing?

Well, like most good stories, that all started over a beer. I'd been working at another software company (which I’m also greatly passionate about), discussing this SMS concept. Our customers kept asking us for the ability to SMS their customers. The more I thought about it, the more I realised it’s actually really simple to help manage a customer’s SMS marketing. There’s no need for coding, no approvals, no layout issues and well, SMS technology is always going to be here to stay.

We also knew that businesses really value the ability to ask for feedback, reviews and payment. Companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook and TripAdvisor were placing emphasis on reviews and ratings for products, businesses, online shopping and experiences.

There are plenty of apps for review management and plenty of SMS tools to send requests, but none of these were integrated. Integrated with eCommerce, your Point of Sale, your accounting platform or your patient management portal.

That’s our vision.

We want one centralised place, that captures you all the reviews, feedback and customer interactions using SMS. Because we know SMS marketing works and it has the highest open rates.

We want this integrated with as many applications as possible.

We want it to be simple to use, so that anyone can use it, from your mom and pop shops to big retail brands.

And long term, we want our customers to drive massive sales value from it. So that it doesn’t just become an SMS marketing tool, but an entire platform for real-time customer management. Where customers can pay via SMS, chat to your sales team via SMS from your website, collect and capture feedback by SMS but more importantly to form better customer relationships.

Yeah so that’s kind of what we want to do…

And hey, we’re giving it a crack!