Do customer reviews improve your local SEO?

Think about the last time you searched for a service online. Whether it be a dentist, a mechanic or even a restaurant. How did you conduct your information search and what factors led you to your purchase decision?

Most consumers tend to make that decision online via Google search, which hold approximately 92% market share. And while acquiring more customer reviews certainly improves trust, did you know it actually impacts your local SEO?

Customers which have a positive experience and review your business online find you and your brand more trustworthy, compared to self-published reviews which are often biased. So it’s no surprise that search engines factor these elements into your local SEO ranking.


While it’s hard to ascertain exactly what Google use to rank local businesses, as their algorithm always changes, we do know it’s mixture of; ratings, reviews, positive feedback, profile activity and of course - distance.  

So why do these reviews matter so much to your local SEO?

Well, for one thing, customers don’t mind driving the extra mile if it means a better service and experience.

Secondly, the more reviews and activity hosted on your search profiles, the more fresh content getting published and mentions of your brand. Google and search engines love fresh content. It’s the reason why content marketing exists! The more review platforms and sources providing your brand with trusted and authentic reviews, serve as great backlinks to your site and free content.

How to automate your review collection process:

If you’re a local business owner, then you’ll understand that trust, customer service and authority in your market is important. The only problem is that you’re only as good as your last review! The first place to start increasing your local SEO and review ratings online, is to focus on the databases you currently have. Whether that be a patient management system, your CRM, booking engine, Point of Sale or even your loyalty program.

Access these databases and ensure you’re sending review requests to your best customers. From there, you’ll want to build in processes you can use to automate review requests at each part of the customer journey.

When should you send a review request?  

Ideally, after a positive experience. If your customer has just completed their transaction and you know they’ve had a great experience then why not send them a review request?

Will a bad review impact my local SEO? 

Not entirely – but we can guarantee they’ll impact your trust and authority online! Why? Because customers want to go somewhere they’ll get trusted value.

Volume certainly helps to provide and publish fresh content, but you’ll want to ensure you’re focusing on the primary parts of your marketing mix.

Final words

If you need help increasing your local SEO, how many reviews you get or your brand authority online, then talk to us today, or book a demo! We're experts in helping you increase your online authority by automating your customer review requests.